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          Add:Ningxia Yinchuan city Xingqing District Youai road Dongcheng people 19-2-101

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          About Us

          Anmaishi International Logistics is a set of domestic and international freight forwarding logistics integrated logistics service providers. Is the People's Republic of China Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation approved the establishment of a freight forwarding company .

          In 2004 the company began operation of the domestic logistics line , is to open in Shenzhen to Zhanjiang, Haikou , Yunnan and several other domestic green .
          International Freight Company in 2007 was established by virtue of the company's network resources, quickly achieved excellent results in the industry , now with four international courier company (DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX) , and a number of airlines (EK, TG, SU, CX, CA, CZ , etc. ) signed a friendship and cooperative relations agency .
          Aging fast , tracking , feedback cargo -related information at any time , arrived safely . International Logistics is your first choice Yunhao assured .
          The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, and the establishment of Shenzhen as the core, Hong Kong, Macau Branch as a transit point , the radiation of the national and global logistics business .
          The company has more than fifty NTU quite small delivery vehicles and improved computer query and management systems. And a group of customs, commodity inspection , transportation and government affairs and other areas experienced senior professionals, in particular, has a good reputation and harmonious interpersonal relationships at various ports of Shenzhen Customs to ensure that your cargo customs clearance . The company also has a number of highly qualified management personnel, after years of logistics management has accumulated a wealth of industry experience , scientific management practices in place , all vehicles are equipped with high-tech GPS satellite tracking system that can monitor the country operation of all vehicles to efficient and safe , quality services to meet customers' different needs.
          Companies adhering to the " safe and efficient transportation security requirements to reasonable tariffs for the market to re-observe the credibility of development , bearing in mind the trust , from the service , arrived safely " business philosophy , is willing to cooperate sincerely with all of our customers , for our customers 24 hours to provide " door to door" , " warehouse to warehouse " service . Departments emphasizing customer resource sharing and Shouwenzeren whole with a single service in the business , emphasizing the implementation of the operation specialization. Stressed and more jobs, and more jobs, training practices, and a full range of logistics knowledge of the case in staff training . So all employees can meet customer needs in specific work , take the initiative to provide customers with integrated supply chain logistics services.
          We always carry out customer-centric ; services for the purpose ; to customer requirements for the mission ; to all the partners together for profit . We cherish every customer trust and loyalty to your shipment and cargo quickly , accurately and safely to its destination .

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