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          Add:Ningxia Yinchuan city Xingqing District Youai road Dongcheng people 19-2-101

          Location:Home > Recruitment

          Logistics clerk

          Recruiting number: 5

          Work location: Shenzhen

          Effective time: 2012/6/30 0:00:00

          Job description:

          Job requirements:

          1, 24-38 years old, college degree or above, 2 years working experience in logistics. (outstanding graduates may also be considered)

          2, logistics or working experience in freight forwarding business and international logistics customer resources is preferred;

          3, quickly into the work of the state, be familiar with the international, domestic air / Express / Hong Kong transport business and operational processes;

          4, quick response, clear thinking, self-motivated, hard-working, have the courage to fight, motivation and self motivation.

          5, excellent interpersonal skills and team spirit of cooperation and with commercial awareness;

          Job description:

          1, responsible for the management of existing customers, analyze customer potential demand, making quotation and provide solutions; by telephone, Internet, new customer development home sales, to provide customers the price, import and export business consulting and logistics solutions;

          2, tap new business, develop new customers, looking for new business point of growth, maintain old customers, old customers and develop other products.

          3, and customers reconciliation, payment and collection;

          4, simple disputes between customers and;

          5, conduct customer satisfaction survey.

          Note: Salary: basic salary + commission (up to 40%) + bonus + insurance + housing allowance and communication allowance

          Logistics of overseas business.

          Recruiting number: 3

          Work location: Shenzhen

          Effective time: 2012/6/30 0:00:00

          Job description:

          Job requirements

          1, 22-35 years old, college degree or above, 1 years or above in logistics or experience in foreign trade business. (outstanding graduates may also be considered)

          More than 2, four levels of English, accurate application of English writing, translation, oral communication, good at business negotiation, proficiency in the use of foreign exchange tools;

          3, familiar with the freight market business overseas and agency management;

          4, active, confident and generous, with strong communication and coordination ability and good occupation ethics.

          Job responsibilities

          1, the use of telephone, network form and develop new customers, provide quotation, import and export business consulting and logistics solutions for the customer;

          2, to develop foreign direct customers and agents, the establishment and improvement of the overseas agent network company;

          3, to assist the business personnel overseas agent service.


          1, if you think you are very outstanding, can relax the academic and English level requirements;

          2, salary: basic salary + commission (up to 40%) + bonus + insurance + housing subsidies

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