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          Add:Ningxia Yinchuan city Xingqing District Youai road Dongcheng people 19-2-101

          Location:Home > Special line
          Special line

          Anmaishi Research and develop own dedicated channels, a full line of  own operations! There Matera green, green the Middle East, Russia, line, line of Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and a series of green green!

          Channels, time, prices are very stable, in addition to general cargo can go can go beyond the special cargo such as: batteries, health products, electronic cigarettes, cosmetics and a series of sensitive goods to customers solve transportation troubles! We have a dedicated R & D department, continuous research of new international routes channels, in order to keep up with the rapid pace of social development, to meet customer demand.

          Leader major international line up to provide customers with international express delivery, customs clearance, door to door service. In our network, regardless of any time, any place, no matter what happens we are able to time based on customer requirements and delivery receipt. In the international express business, its foothold in Asia within all the major countries and regions, established a strong network.

          Yuhangda up line carrier network in Asia to provide customers with pickup, transportation, sorting, storage and delivery of documents, packages of transport, customs clearance agent, delivery and so on. Our cargo tracking system, connected to our global network, so that each of Yuhangda workers office network members to exchange data, information, thus ensuring our customers cargo inspection system can be completely track their goods situation.

          Yuhangda reaches the Shenzhen company since its inception has been dedicated to build industry-leading export pipeline, focus on optimizing improve our service levels, pricing levels and service levels, we sincerely hope that through sustained efforts in the industry to establish influence. Therefore, we will continue to post updates of our latest services, different parts of the latest price, as well as the latest and most timely service, hope friends and colleagues to achieve a win-win situation gratifying! Yuhangda's success is because of your success, Yuhangda grow up without your guidance and help and support!

          At present, our company according to market conditions, especially for the customer design a variety of high-quality, rich advantages of multiple choice fine line. Including DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT and other internationally renowned courier brands, international and domestic air port to port services. Currently, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa, South line, in the East, etc. These services have an absolute advantage in the fierce market for customers to provide high-quality express service. The reason why our products have such a big advantage, because we are not a general line company, we are a point to point service with its own network of international logistics company. We are confident that, with our own huge and irreplaceable network, coupled with Yuhangda and professionalism of the team's professionalism, so you understand the goods, rest assured that deliver satisfaction to us, onto a stable of Fortune.

          We look forward to your attention and participation, together with you towards a broad road!

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