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          Add:Ningxia Yinchuan city Xingqing District Youai road Dongcheng people 19-2-101

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          Air transport

          Our air network services to meet customer requirements for all air, one-stop air services give you more confidence!


              With many years of Division I with relevant internationally renowned airlines established mutual cooperation and friendly relations of cooperation and excellent reputation, providing our customers with global coverage of the regional air cargo services. Our air through the world's major transit port for transport, which can make you to save more shipping cost. We also provide you with quality service, to provide you with quick and accurate real-time information of the goods.

          You can enjoy the benefits:

          Cargo transported on basically no weight and size restrictions.

          Clearly defined transit time.

          The goods on the device in a safe assembly.

          Timely solutions to unexpected problems.

          Provide tracking services.

          You need to provide information:

          Customs Manual.

          Single export verification.


          Customs Power of Attorney.

          Original packing list (please note: the declaration weight must be consistent with the actual weight.).

          Original proforma invoice (please note: the declaration weight must be consistent with the actual weight.).

          According to customs regulations, need to provide additional information, please provide the appropriate evidence (such as the inspection certificate, fumigation certificate, shipping and receiving side of the contract, etc.).

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